Scottish Bike Show, April 2011

Back in September The Scottish Bike Show was announced. This is an exciting thing, somewhere along the lines of EuroBike or Interbike, but that will be open to the public (whereas the international shows are trade-only). It is taking place at the SECC in Glasgow, on 16th – 17th April 2011.

There has never been a show like this in Scotland and itʼs the perfect location to host an all encompassing bike show for all levels and types of bike riders. Ranging from the road racer, mountain biker or leisure rider, Scotlandʼs scenery, routes and mountain bike trails all contribute to the hundreds of thousands of cycling enthusiasts who flock from all over the UK and Europe each year.

Brian Palmer @ TWMP has already eulogised on the fact, sort of in a Donald Dewar style: “There will be a Scottish Bike show. I like that.” – and I can only echo his sentiments. Brian is a lover of bicycles and kit, and does a lot of product reviews on his blog, so is naturally excited to get the chance to see innovations and bling right on his doorstep.

I think what excites me about it more though, is the amount of people from the Scottish Cycling community gathered together in one place. I have got into heavily involved in cycling very rapidly and met a lot of new people along the way. Exciting too have been the online relationships: twitter, the Braveheart forum, club forums and flickr. I’ve found that cementing these relationships ‘in real life’ adds something more and I look forward to meeting people at the Scottish Bike Show. (Assuming I can get a pass to leave my wife and probably 1-month-old 2nd child at home. Something which is far from definite.)

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At the risk of being a sourpuss, I wanted to add a footnote to this. The show was originally scheduled for May 14-15th, and this was announced on twitter back in August/September. Right away, a twitter contact of mine, Lorne Callaghan noticed the clash with the Etape Caledonia sportive. This was tweeted back to @scottbikeshow and lo and behold, a couple of weeks later a change of date was announced. There is no indication whether the twitter banter from Lorne and others drew the organisers’ attention to the clash or not, though.

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