Going Carbon Neutral Stirling: motorist awareness

Going Carbon Neutral Stirling is planning a motorist awareness campaign later in the year to learn more about how motorists currently perceive cyclists on the road.

GCNS said: “Cycling will go up if safety and perception of safety increases. Using a marketing and film intern from France, we will examine the views of European drivers with regards to cyclists…how do European drivers see cyclists as other roads users, how do they feel about them? Are they a cyclist themselves? We then will investigate Stirling drivers to try to understand why our drivers act differently. Why don’t we see cyclists? Why do we not give them priority all of the time? What prompts might drivers need to act differently? Are we prepared to act differently to make the roads safer for other users? ”

Cycle Stirling awareness campaign

“We will also work with NHS, police and council to speak to the Stirling driving schools. We will use this information to develop a Motorist Awareness Campaign in October 2011 which uses the right messages with the right groups to maximise behaviour change. Not only will the campaign aim to make roads safer places for a cyclist, but it will also increase the perception that roads are increasingly safer places for would-be cyclists.”

The Cycle Stirling Family has already been launched and is being publicised using large billboards around Stirling as well as on the back of buses- right at the eye level of drivers. The launch has also received local press attention (below). As well as making a strong connection with cycling enthusiasts in the first instance, their mission is clearly to get more people out of their cars and onto bikes on a day-to-day basis.

Stirling Cycling Family 2011

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