Going Carbon Neutral Stirling: cargo bikes

Going Carbon Neutral Stirling has been awarded funding from the Climate Challenge Fund for several cycle projects in the area. One of these involves a fleet of 15 cargo bikes that will be available on a month’s loan- intended to get cycling for transport or utility seen and accepted as a normal thing.

Above is one of the bikes – anyone familiar with this particular model? I checked out bakfietsweb.nl and it is a ‘Model 30′ 3-speed’. It seems a basic model but appears durable.

I have put my name down for a loan of one of the bikes and will be keen to share my experiences if I am lucky enough. Where to store the bike might be a problem for a lot of people- a stairwell in a block of flats probably won’t be big enough. My shed is already full, but I am hoping GCNS have ordered the ‘pyjama‘, which would allow me to store it outside.

GCNS will provide a range of 15 cargo bikes– which are a common sight in Europe and used to transport children and/or groceries – to be loaned free of charge on a rolling basis. The bikes will be available to individuals and communities on the understanding they will be used on a regular basis thereby showcasing this type of cycling in Stirling. They will also be available for trial at our events throughout the year. The council is providing high-visibility town centre parking bays for these as and where required, and Tesco has agreed to donate a high visibility space also.

The cargo bikes are just one element – more on Going Carbon Neutral Stirling and their other cycling initiatives at some point in the future. It seems like a sustained, linked-up initiative that I hope will bring about some change in the area. The initiatives are great and a good start- but we need to move towards a position where infrastructure is designed with cycling in mind. If I was to take my kid to nursery in this, or do a supermarket shop, I would probably be unable to use the underpass and have to tackle the dreaded Craigs roundabout– not a tempting prospect if I was laden down with the accelaration of a hippopotamus.