Call for views on walking and cycling in Scotland

The Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee of the Scottish Parliament is holding an inquiry into walking and cycling in Scotland, an Inquiry into Active Travel.

To contribute, there are six questions that you can answer. Cyclists of Scotland, this is YOUR CHANCE to directly affect cycling infrastructure. The committee will be considering further action “to ensure that significant progress is made in the development and implementation of active travel in Scotland”. If people engage with this enquiry there will be tangible benefits.

Question 1: What more can be done to encourage people to change their travelling habits and walk and cycle more?

Question 2: Is enough progress being made in developing and delivering improvements in the uptake of walking and cycling?

Question 3: If not, what are the barriers to progress? (for example, lack of policy development, lack of political leadership, lack of funding/investment, the lack of prominence given to active travel in transport policy development, project planning and construction etc.)

Question 4: Why do walking and cycling policies set out in national, regional and local transport plans not result in a greater modal share for walking and cycling?

Question 5: What further action is required by the Scottish Government, local authorities and other bodies to ensure that significant progress is made in the development and implementation of walking and cycling, particularly if transport is to make a greater and more meaningful contribution to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions?

Question 6: What can Scotland learn from good practice/successful implementation in other countries?

You should read the page at the link above, but I copy some of the submission instructions in brief below:

The closing date for written submissions is Friday 11 December 2009. Ideally submissions should not exceed six sides of A4 paper. The Committee prefers to receive written submissions electronically. These should be sent to:

Or by post:
Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee
Room T3.40
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP