BMX at the Scottish Bike Show

Although this site purports to be ‘all about Scottish Cycling’, if I’m honest it’s a roadie blog. But I try to delve into all facets of cycling and I’ve been meaning to give BMX some love for a while. A Raleigh BMX was my first proper bike after all, and you only have to look in the streets and bike shops to see how many BMXs are being sold and ridden every day in Scotland.

pictures courtesy Rowan Mackie / BSD BMX

BMX will be getting major exposure at the Scottish Bike Show this weekend with a full scale display planned for the centre of the exhibition hall at the SECC. Confirmed riders for the show include Kriss Kyle, Mike Taylor, Matt Roe, Chaz Mailey, Sean Lafferty, Niki Croftand Alex Donnachie. Kriss Kyle from Stranraer and Chaz Mailey from Dumbarton are two UK Champions.

BMX has a heritage in Scotland – famously, Sir Chris started out on a BMX, as did elite / regional development coach Mark Young. Many of the old tracks are gone, but with BMX an olympic sport and local councils built a lot of skateparks in recent years, it’s enjoying another heyday.