Blog update

An admission: I’ve been struggling for time a bit lately and have been lax with posting on the blog.

I’ve really enjoyed writing during the past 2 years, and I don’t intend to stop. Output might just become a little less frequent than it has been, with work, kids, family life, club volunteering and riding and training on the actual bike all to be factored in.

During the start of 2011 I spent lots of time at home on family duty and had lots of time to post- even doing some weekly preview and roundup posts of local racing. Bigging up the local scene was fun and made some new friends, but unfortunately I can’t see this happening for next season- doing news is only worthwhile if it is regular, and I can’t keep up with the schedule.

I’ll keep trying to do some in-depth pieces, like the interviews with mountain biker Andy Macleod and track record breaker Steve McCaw, and the usual shorter pieces like Scottish Climbs– there are many more to be covered.

Maybe I’ll even go back to the daft Official Rules, which helped to get me started but I felt became embarrassing after a while.

The blog was initially a research project- the frivolous and naive ‘Top 10‘ being the starting point. I may have come across as some sort of expert on Scottish Cycling, but most of the material was researched by trawling the internet and it’s been an enjoyable learning experience for me. I’ve built up quite a of material and should probably revisit some pieces, the stuff on Ken Laidlaw and Ian Steel having been particularly rewarding.

Let me know what sort of stuff you enjoy. Bite-sized banter also available on twitter.