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Pedal Power / Endura – Lanzarote

The new Pedal Power / Endura development team are training in Lanzarote. I saw this pic on Davie Lines’ twitter this week – he is one of the rider/coaches on the team along with Gary Hand, who are metoring the four younger riders. After my mixed thoughts about seeing something of an exodus of Scots from the main Endura Racing squad, it’s great to see a platform for younger local riders to develop and do well.

Davie Lines, Gary Hand, Jordan Stokes (I think!) and Robbie Hassan.
The other two riders not pictured are Dougie Young and Scott McCrossan.

It’ll be interesting to see how these guys do this year, riding as a team with a coherent strategy. They are some strong riders, and are all Scottish based, so in local races we might be seeing all six of them together.

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original pic from Enduralings twitter

Endura Racing 2011 launch

The 2011 Endura Racing team was unveiled on Friday to the UK press, media and special guests assembled at the Design Museum in central London – delivering a message of intent for success on the international stage.

Endura Launch 2011 from Cyclevox on Vimeo.

Now in their second season, the UK-based squad launch follows a winter of product and team development, and the acquisition of new international rider talent to bolster the Endura Racing set-up. The 16-man team will embark on a programme that mixes the UK calendar with high-ranking international races, against some of the very best pro tour teams and riders.

Photo by Joolze Dymond

This year will once again see the team using LOOK bikes, equipped with Sram components, Zipp wheels, Continental tyres, Fizik saddles and Tacx ergo trainers. Other team partners are Science in Sport (nutrition), BONT (shoes), Pedros (bike maintenance) and Qoleum (rider care products).

The 2011 build-up also brought news of a broadened support and investment from Endura into the MTB and track disciplines. Recent news releases highlighted new signings Oli Beckingsale and Chris Pritchard, two riders on very different programmes, but with the same intention of racing success and exposure for Endura.

After my recent interest in a Scottish champion’s jersey, I was looking out for Evan Oliphant’s kit but there wasn’t a band of saltires around his middle, like with Ross Creber last year. However, with the tribute to the Scottish RR championship being a non-UCI accredited ‘ceremonial’ detail, we wouldn’t see this for continental races anyway. We might still see it for domestic races such as the Premier Calendar series.

My other thought about the lauched was a mixed feeling: I’m glad to see a team with such overtly Scottish backing and it gives road race fans in Scotland a pro team to really get behind. But there are far fewer Scottish riders on the squad this year. However Endura is well aware of its identity and Scots riders Evan Oliphant and Callum Wilkinson were first up for Q&As at the launch.

The squad has stepped up a level for the second year in a row and the continental contingent is strong: 2010 season signings Alex Blain, Jack Bauer, Iker Camano were joined by new signings Paul Voss, Rene Mandri, Maarten de Jonge, Alexander Wetterhall and Jack Anderson. These 8 riders boast a wealth of Grand Tour finishes and National champions jerseys. From four-time Tour de France finisher Camano and Vuelta rider Voss to NZ National RR champ Bauer and Swedish TT champ Wetterhall.

My prime interest is the Scottish angle, so what of former Endura Racing riders? James McCallum has joined Rapha, Ross Creber CyclePremier-Metaltek and Davie Lines and Gary Hand are rider-coaches with the Pedal Power-Endura development squad.

More to come on Endura Racing in the next few days.

Chris Pritchard with Endura

This is not new news, but it’s good news, and I felt it should get recognition on the blog after I first picked up on Chris’ battle for success without sponsorship last year. Chris has signed for Endura Racing and is their first track rider. This is great for Chris himself, who had been training and racing at an exceptionally high level, given his lack of sponsorship or funding.

It’s also great for Scottish cycling in general, as Endura puts its support into the track – an area with which the company had not previously been associated. As announced on the Endura Racing website:

Jim McFarlane of Endura said:
After putting so much investment into the road team we were keen to ensure that the Endura and Equipe brand reach also extended into other cycling disciplines, so we were keen to back some athletes in MTB and track cycling. Chris’s involvement will be very useful in helping Endura make its first steps towards track specific Equipe product which is an interesting niche within cycling and we are delighted to have such high quality representation on the boards.

At first glance it might seem odd to be financing a sole track rider, and I also wondered what the value in developing a track range of clothing was: it’s a specialist area without a big market to sell into. However with the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome due to open in 2012, this is actually quite an astute move for Endura. With our weather, Scotland will doubtless see a big jump in track participation and racing at all levels, and Endura is wise to have a track-specific Equipe range of clothing ready for this.

Ironically, I blogged about Chris’ sponsorship situation a second time a few weeks ago, at which time Chris will have already talked with Endura, and was probably just waiting for the new year until announcing the move.

Below is Chris competing for Scotland at the Delhi Commonwealth games, in Endura kit- an omen perhaps?

pic courtesy of Chris Pritchard

New Endura/Pedal Power development team

I saw an article on British Cycling’s website this week about a new development team backed by Endura and the Pedal Power shop in West Calder.

Gary Hand (2nd from right) and Jordan Stokes (far right).
Picture by @iancoupar

This is great news for 18-23 year old Scottish road racers, who have the chance to get a spot on a well-supported team with a professional set-up, with Look bikes, Endura Equipe kit and a race programme that will include some national and international events.

Former Endura Racing riders Gary Hand and Davie Lines will mentor the young riders- these two guys having left the main Endura team as it steps up another level for a continental campaign in 2011.

The team is as follows:
Manager: Jonathan McBain
Assistant Managers/Riders: David Lines (32) Gary Hand (29)
Scott Macrossan (18)
Jordan Stokes (18)
Robert Hassan (19)
Dougie Young (21)

Hill whippet
Dougie Young riding, and winning, the Stirling BC hill climb in 2009

Dougie Young and Robert Hassan are strong riders who come from Glasgow Wheelers, and Hassan especially made a big impact on the Scottish race scene last year. The Wheelers might be the losers in this equation but the fact is- there are plenty of good club cyclists but not so many stepping stones for talented riders to make the leam from the amateur ranks to UK domestic teams or Continental teams. It’s great that we have this now, and that clubs like Glasgow Wheelers can send their best young riders up to the next level. Something I hope a clubmate of mine, Jack Barrett can manage to do in the future.

Robbie Hassan, 5th Scottish Championship Road Race 2010
Image: GraniteCity RT

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Endura/PedalPower team in new Equipe kit
Pic: Davie Lines

More Endura rumourmongering!

This morning I saw another piece about Endura Racing from French blog Velochrono, which seems to be more good news, this time about Alexandre Blain.

After a period of time considering a change of team, Alexandre Blain will continue his stay at Endura Racing in 2011. The former Cofidis rider joined the Briditsh squad at the start of the season. Elsewhere, he fell heavily during a slightly stupid incident that he recounts to Velochrono: “It was an unlikely coming together with Iker Camano (new Spanish teammate). We were quietly talking, side by side, when he swerved a little and unbelievably, our pedals, stuck on the same cadence, got caught around each other. He finished his race on the grass and I got flattened on the road. Result: three days of enforced rest, compulsory session at the osteopath and wounds to think about for a little while. But no big concerns, the goal remains to be performing at the top in three weeks, to shine at the Tour of Britain.

I’m not sure if the translation of the part about the pedals is right, but I’m asking some of my French friends to check it.

Alex Blain's profile on Enduraracing.com

Hopefully reposting this stuff won’t annoy anyone but it’s a good chance to show off my French translation skillzz. As Endura grow in stature they will have to deal with more media speculation so putting up with blogger twerps like me could be good practice.

Source: Velochrono

New rider for Endura?

I noticed a good tweet from one of the French news sites about Endura. I try not to focus on news on this blog, because I don’t have the time to be up-to-date with everything, and there are many other sites, forums and social media services that do that very well already. But on this occasion I found a juicy snippet that is pretty interesting for Scottish race fans.

Not retained by AG2R La Mondiale, René Mandri has found a new team. Velochrono has learned that the Estonia is going to sign for Endura Racing in the next few hours. At the heart of the British squad, he will find the Frenchman Alexandre Blain, but also Iker Camano (new Spanish signing) or Jack Bauer. (?) Mandri finished the Vuelta 24th in 2007.

So if the rumour is true, Endura continue to bolster their squad with European riders. Hopefully the best Scottish guys will still get the opportunity to ride. Healthy competition for places will be a good thing and should see the level raised another notch or two. But it might also mean fewer chances for guys on the edge of the squad- we saw Gary Hand riding “unattached” at the recent Billy Warnock Super Six race, so he looks to be leaving the team. Good luck to him in the future.

There were two pictures of René Mandri tagged on flickr. One is not very flattering, but the above is pretty good- pic by doevos.

Source: Velochrono

Pic of the day: winning Wilkinson’s awesome celebration

Ian Wilkinson of Endura crossed the line looking he was about to explode with elation on Friday at the National Series elite circuit race in Dumfries last Friday.

OK, so he’s a Englishman, but a win in Scotland, against some of the country’s best riders (including Dean Downing and Ed Clancy), for Scottish team Endura was a big result. Endura Racing’s report here.

Picture courtesy of British Cycling. Full report of the Dumfries Elite Criterium here.

There is also a shot somewhere of James McCallum pumping his guns crossing the line in Plowman Craven kit- I’ve scoured the internet but can’t find it- if anyone knows where it is, let me know.

Pic of the day: Evan Oliphant, Sam Robinson RR

I found a nice picture by Emma of the Granite City RT (click the link for the full set).

It shows former Scottish Road Race champion Evan Oliphant crossing the line at Balfron to win the Trossachs road race, also known as the Sam Robinson memorial. It is run by the Glasgow Nightingale Cycling Club.

Lammermuirs road race

Ben Greenwood of Rapha Condor won the Lammermuirs road race, which was also run as the ESCA Championships (East of Scotland Cycling Association).
Winner Ben Greenwood, Rapha Condor
Ben attacked on the final five mile section of the race after 5 and a half laps of the Gifford circuit, a loop to the south of Haddington. He soloed up to the finish line at Redstone Rigg, a climb with two sections with gradients of up to 17%.

Endura RT’s Evan Oliphant and Callum Wilkinson came 2nd and 3rd, with Stirling Bike Club’s Robin Wilkins 4th.

Stirling also enjoyed a particularly strong ride from young junior Jack Barrett.

I hung on to the bunch for about 4 laps, and was feeling the pace pretty badly. I carried on, determined to finish and limped up the climb second last, but there were plenty of abandonments!


Photo links © James Ruskin, and Edinburgh RC.
Rapha-Condor: Ben Greenwood
Endura RT
Stirling Bike Club