Scottish Climbs: The Lecht

This climb comes courtesy of Simon Warren on twitter.

Where are the photos, the route map and the elevation, I hear you ask? Well, Simon has published a book covering 100 climbs in the UK, and The Lecht is featured, so you’ll just have to buy it to find out. His website gives info on where to find the book covering the 100 greatest climbs in the UK.

Below is a snapshot of the climb (his twitter background)- the ‘easy bit’ as he calls it. The Lecht is known as one of Scotland’s five ski stations. Of the others, the Nevis Range has a cable car and Glencoe takes skiers up the hill on rickety old chairlifts, so there are no climbs of note there. The Glenshee area also uses chairlifts that take you up the left and right sides of the road, which would be great as part of a ride from Dundee to Aberdeen for example (click the link for a very rough ‘draft’ route).

Cairngorm however is the only other ski station road that has a ‘proper’ climb. It’s the finish to Hands On Events’ Cairngorm Classic sportive, held in early June.

The Lecht, Scotland