Drumming up in Brittany

OK, so I’m not actually lighting a fire in the Foret de Broceliande and brewing a pot of tea, but since I am in Brittany I thought it’d be interesting to do some cycling posts from the area.

Normally being on one’s holiday’s would be the time to disconnect the online life and relax. However, I’ve been almost too busy to write any blog posts lately, so it’s actually an ideal moment to write a few pieces and catch up with other rare pleasures such as reading.

Ile et Vilaine

I’ve been contacting local clubs to try to tag along with a group ride, but the two nearest road clubs, Velo Club St Meen and VC Plelanais are 100% focused on racing right now. They seem like smallish clubs but highly competitive, and the long weekend rides only take place in winter and spring as race preparation. I might get out with a local touring club though.

There’s also the Louison Bobet museum in St Meen, 30 minutes ride away. It’s a great wee place that pays homage to the 3-time Tour winner. With riders like this in its past, you can feel that Brittany is steeped in cycling tradition.

Locally there’s quite a bit of racing, including a regional final for cat.3 and junior riders that I might try to report on. Will make an interesting comparison with Scottish racing. <edit – see report here>

Then of course Le Tour comes to the region in 10 days, and I hope to watch a bit of that by the roadside, unless the lazy life takes me over and I can’t bear the crowds.

A cote du Chambre au Loup