Team NetApp–Endura strengthens its management

Team NetApp–Endura will start the new season with an expanded management team. Alex Sans Vega (Spain) and Brian Smith (UK) will be reinforcing the current management of Team NetApp.

The management staff on the top-class German team assembled around Team Manager Ralph Denk and Sport Directors Jens Heppner and Enrico Poitschke will take on an international face as of 2013. Alex Sans Vega and Brian Smith are being additionally appointed to the team management.

“Alex will bring a great deal to our team because, as a sport director for the Endura Racing Team, he already knows a large part of our new squad. In addition, we can count on the experience he has gained from 20 Grand Tours. In terms of our Iberian riders and the races in southern Europe, he’s a valuable addition to Jens Heppner and Enrico Poitschke,” explains Team Manager Ralph Denk.

“Brian Smith will support the team with organizational planning and, in particular, with scouting activities for talented and up-and-coming riders. It’s important for our development that we also become professional with regard to scouting. Brian not only has a wealth of experience and a very good network at his disposal. With Endura Racing, he’s also demonstrated a nose for talent,” adds Denk.

Team Management NetApp – Endura 2013
(As of 19 November 2012)

General Manager: Ralph Denk
Assistant General Manager: Brian Smith
Head Sport Director: Jens Heppner
Sport Director: Enrico Poitschke
Sport Director: Alex Sans Vega