New rider for Endura?

I noticed a good tweet from one of the French news sites about Endura. I try not to focus on news on this blog, because I don’t have the time to be up-to-date with everything, and there are many other sites, forums and social media services that do that very well already. But on this occasion I found a juicy snippet that is pretty interesting for Scottish race fans.

Not retained by AG2R La Mondiale, René Mandri has found a new team. Velochrono has learned that the Estonia is going to sign for Endura Racing in the next few hours. At the heart of the British squad, he will find the Frenchman Alexandre Blain, but also Iker Camano (new Spanish signing) or Jack Bauer. (?) Mandri finished the Vuelta 24th in 2007.

So if the rumour is true, Endura continue to bolster their squad with European riders. Hopefully the best Scottish guys will still get the opportunity to ride. Healthy competition for places will be a good thing and should see the level raised another notch or two. But it might also mean fewer chances for guys on the edge of the squad- we saw Gary Hand riding “unattached” at the recent Billy Warnock Super Six race, so he looks to be leaving the team. Good luck to him in the future.

There were two pictures of René Mandri tagged on flickr. One is not very flattering, but the above is pretty good- pic by doevos.

Source: Velochrono