(moving) Pic of the day: Hoy v Bos 2008 worlds

Today’s pic of the day is a video!  Chris takes on the formidable Theo Bos, world sprint champion for 2006 and 2007, in the deciding third of three rounds of the sprint quarter-finals.

In his autobiography, Chris describes this race as a victory of confidence more than anything else. Bos surprised him in round one, and Hoy led from the front in round two and held him off. Before round three, Hoy could detect in Bos an air of defeat. Perhaps this is why Bos goes so early- he is worried he will be beaten, and tries a dangerous tactic in response to his round two loss. It’s testament to Hoy’s confidence and power that he pulls Bos back from such a distance and celebrates on the line even with such a narrow margin.

At the bell he had fully committed, which gave me the carrot to chase. I closed a two-length gap on the back straight, drawing level on the home straight, and by the time I crossed the line I already had my right arm in the air, celebrating the biggest scalp of my sprinting career so far. The noise in the velodrome was as loud as I have ever experienced…

The only problem I have with this clip is that the commentators call Hoy “l’inglese” at the beginning. Er, no, he’s a “scozzese”