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I listen to a French radio show that is released as a podcast, Carrément Vélo which announced in the last episode that it needs a sponsor to continue. It’s a weekly discussion show, debates the latest news in the robust style that French talk radio is known for.

Blog et Rugby : Pierre Salviac
Pierre Salviac, Grande Geule (“Big Mouth”) of Carrément Vélo

I might be wrong, but I understood it to mean they needed advertising in order to continue putting out the show in download/podcast form. I found this odd, because the show is funded by a commercial station and all the prep work will be done anyway for the 1 hour live broadcast. It’s isn’t as if there is much editing to do either- a jingle on the front, and the news cut out on the half hour.

The Velocast, one of the most popular podcasts I listened to, struggled to attract advertisers even with 6000 downloads a month and a pretty passionate, engaged fanbase. It was produced to a professional standard, but fell by the wayside because the time requred to do so was too great. Velocast presenter John Galloway has stated that the show’s successor, the Flammecast, is even more popular. But I still worry how long presenters can go on producing these shows out of the goodness of their hearts.

It may be that marketers haven’t quite figured out how to use this type of new media. We’re certainly a little way behind in the UK. Over the pond you will find most of the podcasts find a way to cover (or at least contribute to) their costs in different ways.

We have seen some blogs, including the Inner Ring, Pavéblog and taking discreet advertising, and I think this is good recognition for the number of views they undoubtedly must get, and the contribution they make to the cycling media. I’d be interested to know what the analytics look like for some of these sites. There are a few banners on the Flammecast site now, which I’m suspect make a small contribution to the comparatively large quantity of hours those guys put in.

So why so few ads on podcasts? I get a lot of my media through radio (downloaded and live) and if Carrément Vélo were to go, I for one would be disappointed.

Pro cycling sponsorship
This rather geeky, inwardly-looking post comes after The Inner Ring blog mused on why Team Highroad, the most succesful professional cycling team at the moment, doesn’t appear to have a sponsor. Cycling doesn’t seem to be overflowing with commercial success at the moment.

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