Chris Pritchard with Endura

This is not new news, but it’s good news, and I felt it should get recognition on the blog after I first picked up on Chris’ battle for success without sponsorship last year. Chris has signed for Endura Racing and is their first track rider. This is great for Chris himself, who had been training and racing at an exceptionally high level, given his lack of sponsorship or funding.

It’s also great for Scottish cycling in general, as Endura puts its support into the track – an area with which the company had not previously been associated. As announced on the Endura Racing website:

Jim McFarlane of Endura said:
After putting so much investment into the road team we were keen to ensure that the Endura and Equipe brand reach also extended into other cycling disciplines, so we were keen to back some athletes in MTB and track cycling. Chris’s involvement will be very useful in helping Endura make its first steps towards track specific Equipe product which is an interesting niche within cycling and we are delighted to have such high quality representation on the boards.

At first glance it might seem odd to be financing a sole track rider, and I also wondered what the value in developing a track range of clothing was: it’s a specialist area without a big market to sell into. However with the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome due to open in 2012, this is actually quite an astute move for Endura. With our weather, Scotland will doubtless see a big jump in track participation and racing at all levels, and Endura is wise to have a track-specific Equipe range of clothing ready for this.

Ironically, I blogged about Chris’ sponsorship situation a second time a few weeks ago, at which time Chris will have already talked with Endura, and was probably just waiting for the new year until announcing the move.

Below is Chris competing for Scotland at the Delhi Commonwealth games, in Endura kit- an omen perhaps?

pic courtesy of Chris Pritchard