TrainingTunes/metal – The Stooges, I wanna be your dog

Further to my first “training tunes” post a couple of weeks ago, here is another heavy track that gets me fired up on the turbo or during an interval session.

Made famous (for me) in Guy Ritchie’s movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, its a grimy proto punk track by The Stooges.

The sleazy lyric works well on a training playlist, if and when you are trying to punish yourself like a dog on the bike.

The clip shows the main character at the start of the movie, as he loses a shitload of money at the poker table. If you’re training hard enough you might get into a similar state of delirium that he experiences. As he realise what a world of trouble he is now in, he lolls around like a bare-chested Iggy Pop, on stage, and even spews as he exits the speakeasy.

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Let me know your thoughts on these- if you hate it when I blog about music as much as some listeners disliked the Velocast Race Radio shows (personally I dug them), or if you would like to hear more.