(moving) pic of the day: Craig Maclean Standing Start

The screenshot below from the short documentary film Standing Start, featuring Craig Maclean.

Craig Mclean, Team Sprint

Craig Mclean, Standing Start ©imagine pictures

The video can’t be embedded but you can click through to youtube and watch it in high quality.

Shots of Maclean’s track cycling as he trains for the Olympics are set against a voice-over of the epic story of Odysseus, along with a tense soundtrack. It’s maybe a bit over-dramatic but I’m all in favour of artistic or creative interpretations of sports footage. The film captures a contrast between long hours of punishing training to the short, explosive team sprint.

PS Craig Maclean is #8 on my Top 10 Scottish Cyclists of All Time.
PPS I never knew Craig played the drums.

Standing Start was produced by Adrian McDowall and Finlay Pretsell for Scottish Cycling and is © imagine pictures.