Young Scots in Belgium

A few young Scottish riders are heading out to Belgium to test themselves in the Kermesses and other local races out there.

Dougie Young and Finlay Young are the first two out there: Dougie is a former clubmate who scorched me and many others in last year’s hill climb (bottom image), while I have had the honour of being soundly beaten by Finlay (and most of the rest of the field, if I admit) in a cat.3/4 race early in the year.

You can read more about Dougie and Finlay on veloresults, while the trip in general is covered by a thread on the Braveheart forums, which will have reports of the races they do.

As Callum Gough said, they will hone their legs and Belgian neck: “the ability to stretch your neck out at 45 degrees to see up ahead whilst riding in the gutter, keeping your bike straight, and holding a wheel at 50k per hour one cm from the wheel in front and ignoring the 5 foot dyke to your right.”