Video of the day: Steven Smith, Mine Woods

Regular readers of this blog will know that I focus on road riding, because that’s what I am into at the moment. However, when I started cycling seriously, it was off-road, in Edinburgh’s Pentland Hills, that I spent most of my time.

I found two excellent videos today of off-road riding in Scotland. The first is from Stirling rider Steven Smith, who treats us to a display of effortless-looking riding through Stirling’s Mine Woods. As the name suggests, this wood was a copper mine, opened in the 1500s apparently. Now it is home to one of the best little trails in the local area, including natural obstacles such as steps, drop-offs and a big bombhole, as well as some man-made berms and kickers lower down.

I appreciate good photography as well as good riding, and it’s no different with video. Steven has taken the time to pick good conditions and good camera angles and edit the shots together to a video that flows almost as well as his lines through the Mine Woods.