Steve McCaw adds indoor records to his palmarès

An update on Steve McCaw’s track success.

I was pleased with the reaction to my post on Steve’s British vets’ hour record– he kindly sent me several emails that resulted in a full interview blog post that people seemed to appreciate.

So I was happy to hear he has gone on to break the indoor Vets’ 5, 10 and 20km, 5 and 10 mile records two weekends ago in Manchester (above- pic by North Cheshire Clarion).

5k 6.39.5 (old rec 6.42.3)
10k 13.14.9 (old rec 13.32.3)
20k 26.38.7 (old rec 27.17.7)

5mile 10.39.9 (old rec 10.52)
10mile 21.25.1 (old rec 21.45 All records R.Caspell 1995)

Sessions on the boards are at a premium down there, and there wasn’t any more track time available otherwise he would have gone for the indoor hour too. Given that he broke the outdoor vets 5/10/20km and 5/10mile records en route to his outdoor record at Meadowbank, I’m sure he would have set a new indoor record too.

Steve gave me some more info on his indoor attempt, and as per the record at Meadowbank, arranging the small details was a challenge but he had help from some of the staff at the Manchester track.

It all ran like clockwork on the night with electronic timing and a “gate” start. Tom Beattie was a stalwart again doing all the coordination and running my schedule and the National Clarion donated some track time from their track championships for me to make the attempt.

I made a slow start and only got the 5k record by 2 seconds but managed to run to schedule all the way to the 10 mile mark and dropped off by a few seconds at 20k by the end. Riding on the indoor track was tremendous, such a different experience to outdoors, you are able to ride a very even pace through the lap but also the steering in the bends is much easier without any gusts of wind.

It got a bit hot near the end but the heat you experience indoors makes the air less dense which is one of the reasons it’s faster. If I could have booked some extra track time I would have loved to have tried for the indoor hour record which stands to Kevin Gill at 43.7 km/h but maybe that’s one for next year.

Outdoor hour record: image David Martin

Here’s hoping he can get track time for a full scale indoor hour attempt soon. It would be a great way to christen the new velodrome in Glasgow!

[edit- added times and quote/further detail]