Scottish Cyclist: Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart is a Scottish track rider who competed at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010. Scottish Cycling coach Mark Young has an interview with him here in his Delhi Vlog.


The picture above is a take on the Chris Hoy on Mons Meg shot for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As triumphant as that image was, and as positive as the future is for Stewart, looking to Glasgow 2014, the Dundee photo has a darker backstory.

The image was shot by David Martin as part of a series for a charity Dundee Cycling Calendar. It’s a really fantastic photograph, but to see it you’ll have to buy the Calendar. It is part of a bigger drive to raise funds for Steve Donnelly, who was paralysed after an innocuous fall while riding in June 2010. I’ll share more information about him in a future post.

Please please please buy a copy of the calendar – the chilling thing about Steve’s freak accident is that it could have happened to any cyclist. He will have to rebuild his life- find new accommodation and adjust to a future in a wheelchair. This must be a massive challenge mentally, but the financial pressure can’t be ignored either, so make a small contribution and buy the calendar.