Scottish Cyclist: Joe Christison

Brian from kindly let me reproduce some of this article from his site. Tour-Racing aims to archive, and keep alive, historic articles and biographies, with the 50s and 60s dominating the site at the moment. It has a strong focus on British riders and racers, with a fair few Scottish names in there, as well as some international stuff.

Joe Christison had plenty of success but a disproportionate amount of luck, and was doomed to never achieve his potential. Click through to read the archived piece, Joe Christison’s Two Lost Chances by Russell Galbraith, from the Coureur Sporting Cyclist, April 1960.

The key moment in his lost career seems to have been when he won the time trial stage of the 1955 Tour of Britain. He had a chance to go to the Grand Prix des Nations to compete against the world’s best, but he could not persuade his sponsor to finance the trip and the opportunity was lost.

I won’t quote the article- click the link or the picture to go through and read it for yourself.

The historic side of the sport is maybe not everyone’s cup of tea personally I have enjoyed discovering this aspect over the past couple of years. England has quite a ‘canon’ of famous riders, races and moments but Scotland seems not to be aware of, or celebrate its past as much, apart from a few big names. Maybe it’s just harder to find the information, but I have been keen to flag up interesting finds wherever I can, without being exclusively backward-looking on the blog.