John Paul European and World champion!

OK, so this is month-old news, but I thought it would be remiss not to tip the hat to young Scottish track sprinter John Paul, who won European and World U23 titles on the track back in August.

John is a Braveheart funded rider meaning that he gets support for travel and other expenses. The fund will be delighted this year as it has seen several funded athletes achieve real success at a world level- more on them to come.

Check out his Braveheart Fund Diary, where he recoutns his Junior/U23 European success in the Keirin and Sprint.

Then at the end of August he headed to the Worlds in Moscow where he beat Julien Palma of France to the Junior World Sprint title. Again his Braveheart diary provides a refreshing personal look back on how

Larry Hickmott’s VeloUK site also covers the jr Worlds with a victory picture, but I like the personal nature of the Braveheart diaries.

Elsewhere you’ve got a quality inteview by Ed Hood on Pez Cycling News, and another one on British Cycling by Guy Swarbrick. Of course he won the National sprint too, but bizarrely that seems like an afterthought following European and World titles.

I had done a bit of research into John back in March and it’s nice to follow young riders progress. Hopefully more people know about him now and he continues to do well.

image © Larry Hickmot / British Cycling.