Graeme Obree on mental health

Legendary Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree (#3 on my Scottish Cyclists all-time list) was on Radio Scotland’s Sports Weekly programme at the weekend.

He spoke about how top-level sport can be a vehicle for obsessive, depressive people to channel their behaviour- and not always in a healthy way.

The pressure to perform at the elite level was also discussed- Graeme mentioned that several well-known, but unnamed people have approached him to thank him for his honesty and openness about his mental health problems. These were presumably sports stars or public figures who felt that they couldn’t be open about mental health problems they were suffering.

Sports Weekly is a preview of the sporting week with John Beattie and Katie Still on BBC Radio Scotland. It’s a self-consciously football-free zone.

The Sports Weekly show will be available on the BBC iPlayer in the UK for seven days.

Graeme Obree’s autobiography is also available, in which he discusses his cycling career, including his world championship wins on the track and how he beat Francesco Moser’s hour record.