George Berwick 500km on a broken frame

Admonished from more than one quarter for my lack of knowledge about George Berwick, I have endeavoured to find out more and been sent useful links by various people.

Below is George after completing a 1500km audax in Germany this August. He is 69, remember.

Not only this but he rode 500km of the event with a sheared downtube! There is a long thread on “Yet another Cycling Forum” that evolves into a eulogy to George’s legendary riding. notable quotes include:

True Audax epics come from the likes of McNasty riding 400km+ with a snapped frame held together by zipties
Can we have a picture of him at the beginning, I’m not convinced there’d be much difference.
years of life left in that bodge
George has been a legend for a long time. 1979 Paris-Brest-Paris: 62H36 117 BERWICK George GB M VE A.U.K.
Twenty years later in 1999: 65H37 820 BERWICK George GB M VE

Image courtesy of The Pingus on flickr

And a couple more pics by a German rider Johann Eilers who also did the ride.

There is another account of what sounds like an epic ride on the West Lothian Clarion forum. Thanks Matthew of the Clarion for pointing me in the direction of this.