Danny MacAskill in and on Scotland’s landscape

The Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home film has only been out for three days and already it feels like I’m late to the party. It will have been blogged, tweeted and facebooked all over the world already, so I wondered whether it was worth reposting on here.

The great thing about this film for me is the beautiful scenery. Danny’s first film showed off his incredible skills on a trials bike, but also his creativity and imagination- that he even considered riding a certain obstacle or clearing a gap. Pushing the boundaries like skateboarders such as The Gonz, Tony Hawk and Danny Way.

Here we see him literally riding the landscape, which brings us two simultaneous pleasures: jaw-dropping tricks in, on and amongst our beautiful country.

Cheap thrills were provided for me when he rode the edge of, and dropped off Old Stirling Bridge. The other locations are creative too, and these are mentioned briefly in a teaser film:

What does it take for a global company such as Red Bull to sponsor such a beautifully shot film that is a great showcase for Scotland? Simply a rider of Danny McAskill’s outstanding talent!