Chris Pritchard’s battle

Chris Pritchard rides track for Scotland and competed at the Commonwealth games this year. After a tweet today, I was re-alerted to his ongoing battle to compete at the highest level without much support or sponsorship.

I wrote a post about Chris earlier in the year, after hearing he was doing flying 200m laps that weren’t far off Olympic qualification, without even a sponsor.

Now track website has taken up his cause, publishing an interview about his battle to get into the British Cycling system.

There’s a bit of soul searching there, as Chris tries to get to the nub of why he is snubbed by the BC academy- talent, hard work, performances all seem to be up to scratch. The discipline and work ethic to get to a level where you can beat BC academy athletes on only a shoestring is pretty impressive. At 27, his age might be working against him, but as he tells, there are far older athletes that look like they have several years left in them.

pic courtesy of Chris Pritchard

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Chris is looking for sponsors.
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Pictures courtesy of Chris Pritchard