Andy MacLeod: Torch Bearer

Two of my most rewarding blog pieces from last year charted Andy Macleod’s story from MTB and trials enthusiast through his ordeal to his ‘comeback‘ with more zest than a Lapierre carbon all-mountain bike.

Andy had to keep it under wraps for a while but his nomination to carry the flame was successful and he will be proudly running on his carbon/titanium leg the Olympic flame in Forfar on 12 June. Big well done to Andy.

He is the master at throwing himself at a challenge, focusing on the positives and overcoming adversity. A quote from his facebook page:
“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”
― Bruce Lee

In March, just a year after his accident, he climbed Ben Nevis and he is now back dirt jumping, downhilling and doing all the things on two wheels that he loved before the accident. It sounds like a cliché to write, but when I met him, he really was an inspirational guy.

The flame will also pass through Andy’s native Fort William during the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup round on Saturday 9 June at the Nevis Range Ski Area.

The symbol which heralds the approach of the London 2012 Olympic Games is set to visit the scenic highland slopes which play host to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup this summer as part of its 70-day tour of the UK.

Mike Jardine of event organisers Rare Management, said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming the world’s top mountain bikers and thousands of spectators to Fort William in June so it’s a great honour to be visited by such a wonderful icon of the London Olympics.

“It’s fitting that the Torch will help celebrate one of the biggest and best sporting events in the Highlands, showcasing a great weekend of mountain biking, with riders from 35 nations and spectators from all over the UK.”

Fort William World Cup 2009- Sunday DH Quali. Steve Peat