Scottish cycling podcast 6: Dig In cyclocross and marketing events

In this episode, I’m at the Dig In At the Dock cyclocross race and take in the atmosphere before racing it. As the cross season wraps up, I share my thoughts about what is successful about this event today and how it grew in popularity to the level it is at. What elements of this race could be incorporated into your club’s event?


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Again the audio is not perfect – apologies and thanks for sticking with me. I’m looking at getting better mics!

Show notes – rough and ready list of points covered in the audio

Demand generated
Dig In videos – example of what’s known as content marketing
Building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you
You’re offering them something of value for free – in the Dig In MAte videos case, it was entertainment
Now… these videos were quite long and rambling
The editing and production were pretty rough
The humour was an acquired taste
But they are basically the reason I wanted to race cyclocross – essentially I was ‘in’ before I had really tried it
Often though, this content is useful
Tips on coaching, training, bike maintenance, kit setup, gear reviews
Think Global Cycling Network on youtube
Whether it’s entertaining or useful, You are building an audience if you put stuff out consistently
doesn’t have to be videos – it could be articles
but I think the barrier for video is coming down now and its much easier
70-80% of the buying decision takes place offline these days
We research online before we buy, and when we come to get our money out, often the decision is already made
When you come to ask your engaged audience to buy something for you, they’re much more willing
This is why the races sold out so quickly

What do people at a race, really love?

  1. Knowing what place they came
  2. Seeing a picture of themselves
  3. Getting cheered on – when there’s atmosphere – lots of noise

1. Mark Young’s timing system

2. Photographers – try to build your course around this
1. if it’s a road race, see where the best spot is – suggest photographers go there –
2. offer a competition
3. pay someone

3. For atmosphere, you need Spectators – what can you do to encourage this
1. for dig in, the course is flat, but they’ve made a special feature out of the ‘belgian bombhole’ – a very small dip and run-up. with a few banners and a bit of encouragement, you can create a cauldron of noise. focus your spectators into one spot…
2. for road it’s hard, but like the photographers, is there a spot you can draw them to?
think about the big pro events, flanders, roubaix, the tour de france mountain stages –                   spectators gather around the crunch points on the course
3. if there are laps, you’ll need to keep them interested in between times
4. can you get food facilities there?
5. how can you generate atmosphere?
1. Dig In hires a samba band
2. gives out free cowbells – see
3. Why not try getting a drum kit!
6. start small by inviting specific people
7. if there aren’t laps, you might need to invite cycling clubs to stop there on their ride
1. provide a timing schedule
2. how about a noisiest or best-represented club award

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