Scottish cycling podcast 12: preparation and setbacks

In this podcast, I share my thoughts about preparation for cycling events and bouncing back from setbacks, as I come to terms with making a balls-up of a recent podcast interview with Helen Wyman.

How many of you have tried a repair a the night before a bit race or event?
Many of us have tried it, I know I have. I the podcast, I recall a race I did on the ‘Jacobite Chase’ circuit, back when retired racer Jimmy Rae was still organising events.

The theme here is that preparation is vitally important, especially for big events.

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How many of you have turned up to a race or big event with untested equipment?
I wanted to try racing with tubulars in 2015 and spent ages preparing them, but ultimately my installation was an experiment. In a big race, when I had decent fitness, the wheels fell off (literally). The moral of the story is familiar in cycling – never run untested gear for a big event!

But at the same time, you have to try different things.
– ‘perfect is the enemy of done’ – in other words, if you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll never get started
– also, you learn by failing – but it’s best not to fail in this way in your biggest, highest-profile events

Whenever I’ve announced that I’m going to do something (like I did in the instagram post below), I’ve usually fallen flat on my face – whether it’s has been a race or just tomorrow’s club ride. I do best when I keep things quiet!

Recorded a podcast with a pretty big name tonight, look forward to getting it published soon.

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Have you ever crashed your bike?
I the show I muse on the ‘man up’ and ‘rule 5’ culture – on the one hand this mentality can be damaging, but on the other, getting back on and finishing can be good for your confidence. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do in this podcast.

Thanks for listening, and I’ll be back with a second-hand account of Helen Wyman’s tips on young rider development.