Review of podcasts: The Velocast

I think the Velocast is my favourite podcast. The bar has been raised by certain newcomers (see future blog posts), but for now, it’s my number one. It covers a balance of pro news, urban and general interest stories with a personal feel.

Disclosure- the Velocast has connections near to me and I hope to one day meet John and Scott for a pint. They have also been nice to me on twitter and things. Further disclaimer- I do relate to the humour and ethos (1) because they’re Scottish and (2) because they’re British, but I don’t find (2) applies to other UK podcasts by default- you have to some personality to go with it.

Do I relate because they are Scots? I am a big fan of the Millars, Robert and David, and by some accounts those two could be gits at times. I’m not saying the Velocast guys are gits here, (quite the opposite) merely that things I like in cycling can at times be clouded by a patriotic bent.

As said before, the personalities make the show. When one podcast finishes, I feel I want to chat to these two for another hour. I have been known to restart my iPod and listen again. I’m sounding more and more like a fanboy but that’s how it is.

Criticisms- they keep the show under an hour (deliberately I believe), which is good in a way, but I’d be happy to have a wee bit more. The more I appreciate their knowledge on pro racing, mechanics and bikes, the more the ‘daft stories’ seem to take up too much of the precious hour. I only have myself to blame- I’ve forwarded links to them of picnic table bikes and the like. Their background knowledge and insight impresses me more and more over time, so to make best use of this I might have a little more pro chat. I’m sure they reign in the techie/bike bits/maintenance chat for fear of boring the listeners but this stuff is gold because the knowledge is so in-depth. Weird- a criticism paragraph turned itself into a compliment.

The delivery works for me as well- not too polished (ref Fredcast), but not stumbling or dull (ref cyclingnews).

There is laugh-out-loud humour (for me anyway). John’s unintended “for sea fights” pun that tripped up Scott was a classic moment. (see Two Ronnies “Four candles” sketch). Double entendres can be seen as cheap gags but they are a staple of British comedy: “getting used to the extra length” of a tandem had me biting my lip behind my desk at work. Then there’s the plain bizarre (Monty Python style) “sharing Gary Fisher’s facial hair; I get it Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, then post it back to him”.

So thanks to Scott and John for such an enjoyable show.

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