Official rules of the Scottish Cyclist: gearing

24. The use of 25- or 27-toothed cogs are acceptable due to the propensity of ridiculously steep mountainous training routes that the Scottish Cyclist rides. British and Scottish road engineering does not tend towards the gentle ‘hairpins’ that the Euro Cyclist enjoys. The roads instead go straight up 10-20% inclines, rather than winding their pretty way up the mountain.

25 and 27 tooth cogs may also be necessary for the Scottish Cyclist that fuels himself on Irn-Bru and sausage rolls.

Alternatively, if you are man enough, a single fixed gear is preferred. Graeme Obree won the Tour de Trossachs mountain time trial, over the Dukes Pass and the Braes of Greenock on a fixed gear- nuff said.

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