Scottish Cyclist: Archie Craig, 1930s

I competed in the Lothian Flyer Race in June and Archie Craig, the Lothian Road Club rider, after whom the race is named, was represented in the form of his daughter Sheila and her sister’s grandson Massimo, Archie’s great grandson. He died in 2000 aged 87.

Born 27 August, 1912, he was a member of the Lothian Road club, with day rides and drum-ups a part of the cycling culture in the 30s and 40s. There are several pictures of Archie and his clubmates below, that give a feel for club life.

A young, wet looking rider competing in a club, or an open TT?

His daughter Sheila told me: Dad went cycling on the continent, on a few trips in the 30’s, staying at hostels and sleeping out. Few did this back then, and on his return fellow club members and everybody wanted to know all about it. There were some great stories – unfortunately the war stopped a great deal of cycling, but in 1950 Dad went with a few Lothian CC friends cycling through France, Pyrenees to Andorra and down through parts of Spain(travel to Spain had just been authorised again and you needed a visa to go to Spain.

Thanks to Sheila for sharing these photos. Although Lothian Cycling Club and Edinburgh Road club were rivals in the past, LCC no longer exists, and ERC now promotes the race in Archie Craig’s memory.

The Lothian Cycling Club members

A club drum-up. Fire going. A long hard day, judging by the yawn, and what looks like evening light? Are they are crowding round road atlases?

Below- a stop for refreshments and a photo.

A drum-up, a stop for tea and soup. If you’re not sure what a drum up is, see here.
Wallacehill CC drum up- 1954.
Some 1960s drum up pictures- Glasgow Nightingale.

At the start of a TT

Above – Lothian CC Open 25 in 1939.

He was a prolific time triallist and at certain periods, was considered one of the best in Scotland. One of the photographs is annotated with the ‘Bath Roads 100’ – evidence that he competed around the UK.

The picture below is annotated: The Bath Roads 100, 1936

Below is Archie in a group of four riders, at Brooklands at the 1948 London Olympics. He and the other Scottish riders did not compete in the games but had been invited to train and be involved with the British team in some capacity.

At Brooklands, 1948

LRC corrected to LCC
Sheila’s sister’s grandson not her grandson