Ian Steel pictures

Quick post- a few nostalgic pics found on flickr and elsewhere, of Ian Steel, one of Scotland’s greatest ever. Should really be in my Scottish Top 10.┬áBut back when I compiled it, I was just starting to discover the history of Scottish cycling.

Ian Steel (Viking) 1952

1951 was the year he won the Tour of Britain.

Ian Steel (Viking)

1952 here- the year of the Peace Race win. Click the Ian Steel tag for more posts- I’ve built up quite a bit on him over the past year.

Check the legs, like lengths of steel rope. Steel was a tall rider (see below) but looks scrawny as hell here.

1955 Tour of Britain – Viking’s winning team of riders – left to right: Ian Steel, Ken Jowett, Doug Booker, Joe Christison and Les Gill. Manager Bob Thom is on the far right. pic from Bev Parker, published on tour-racing.com