Scottish Cycling Foods I: Oatcakes

Inspired by The Inner Ring’s Euro Foods series, I have been meaning to do some lighthearted posts on Scottish Cycling Foods.

We all know cyclists love cake during a cafe stop or at the end of a run. But they can also be obsessive about weight, and this healthier type of cake is a Scottish speciality that can help in that regard.

I was first introduced to oatcakes as a snack by a couple of junior racers – Jack Barrett and William Bowers. They have low-GI carbs, helping to fill you up, and low fat. Unless you put a slab of cheese on top that is. I now scoff about five or six of the things every day.

Nairn’s are my default choice for the Scottish oatcake, and they can be enjoyed with cheese, like a mature Mull cheddar, and a dram of whisky. If I’m going for something a little nicer I’ll pick up Stockan and Gardens.

Picture from Stag Bakeries Hebridean oatcakes