Review of podcasts: Veloreviews

This is a new podcast, that has been finding its feet a little bit. It has a very welcoming, inclusive feel that I don’t think this is a symptom of it’s youth- there is a deliberately anti-elitist ethos there that is intended to tie in with the Veloreviews website and community forum.

If you are not a fan of pro cycling news and comment, and can’t be bothered with the nuances of bike culture and the various sub-niches within cycling, this is the podcast for you. As I see it, the ideal listener is mainly into riding and buying bits for their own bike, as well as improving their fitness, rather than wondering why last year’s Paris-Roubaix runner-up is is running a carbon or aluminium bottle cages this year.

The podcast is a supplement to the website and community, which have dipped into and seems cool. It’s the sort of thing that is working to build up long-term relationships and a resource of really useful information. The presenters of the podcast all interact on the Veloreviews forum, giving fitness, mechanics and product advice.

The interviews are pretty good but tend to push the episode length way up. Neil Browne was good as always, ditto Fun Run Robbie, great to hear a popular twitter user getting time ‘on air’. The podcast is looking to interview community members which I think is great in my opinion.

The fitness section is also good- they have Al Painter, a coach from Integrate Fitness, to answer listener emails and once they get going, there’s some very good, in depth bike-fit and biomechanical advice.

The Pro bike wrench segment, with experienced mechanic Josh Boggs (@probikewrench), is great for learning maintenance, and again Veloreviews is building a strong community by answering listener’s questions. Josh is also pretty experienced in bike fit.

I don’t want to descend into personal abuse but after listening to Velocast and Real Peloton, the bar for funny and engaging presentation has been raised, and Veloreviews does move along pretty slowly. I feel bad to say this but Jeff Helfand does sound a bit like he is about to fall asleep at times and Boggs’ southern drawl, while charming, makes me want to go for a relaxing beer rather than concentrate on his excellent bike maintenance tips.

I rediscovered my passion for cycling two years ago and have learnt a massive amount in that time. Without sounding bigheaded I already feel I have outgrown a few podcasts that tend to over-explain things or aim at the beginner/intermediate. There are still really useful points that I have taken away from this show, but I’m not sure I’ll be listening every single week.

Another negative point for me is that the chat is very friendly (as would befit an inclusive community podcast), but being a lewd and foul-mouthed Scot I prefer my banter a little edgier, along the lines of Velocast, Real Peloton and Two Johns.

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