Gordan Cameron: Scottish writer

On my Robert Millar birthday post, I made reference to Ed Hood, a writer who contributes to Pez Cycling News and Veloresults.

Alastair Hamilton commented on the blog and drew my attention to two other Scottish writers who contribute to Pez: himself, who lives in Spain, and Gordan Cameron who lives in Skye and who also makes radio programes on cycling for the BBC in Gaelic. He has covered the Tour de France from the roadside for Pez.

I have done a bit of digging and found this interview with Gordan Cameron. He is an interesting person: Gaelic is his first language, and he lives on Skye in a semi-self-sufficient way. Sounds like a nice life! The riding on Skye sound good but hard- I have never cycled there but Hands On Events do a sportive in May which would be an ideal way to experience it. Click the link above for the full interview with Gordan.

Gordan Cameron on Skye

Some stories by Gordan
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