Dundee Cyclists Calendar 2011 – nudity!

This post is a plug for a Dundee Cycling Calendar, with pictures shot by David Martin. Please buy a copy of the calendar to help raise funds for Steve Donnelly, who was paralysed from the neck down in an innocuous fall in June 2010.

At least 2 Commonwealth Games cyclists are featured. There are also some titillating shots – a couple of bums on bikes, a naked fireman and the kind of marshal you really want at your next road race to distract the opposition.

But I won’t be giving away the full monty here- oh no. You’ll have to actually buy it to be able to give any help to Steve and get the full enjoyment of some nudey pictures posed for a good cause.



I’m thinking I might even pose for my own Liebovitz style photo, but it would take quite a bit of money donated to Steve’s cause to get me to pluck up the courage. Say, £100?