Belgo-Scottish cycling kits

I did a short post on the great VC Moulin jersey design, a club that specialises in cyclocross, and got some good feedback. Then I noticed the jersey had been picked up by WTFKits, an American blogs that celebrates ‘bad kits and bad-ass kits’. VCM comes into the latter category.

Image Trina Ritchie

Previous VCM kits (e.g above, without the green of 2011) have been more closely aligned to the Belgian national champion’s colours.

There is another club in Scotland that also use these colours, the GS Metro. Around since the Eighties and with sections on Tyneside (the original chapter) and in the Midlands, it is much more closely aligned to Belgian champion’s design with full black, yellow and red colours rather than the narrow banding.

GS Metro
GS Metro in the 2010 Scottish Road Race championships.
Image Martin Young

The Glasgow Nightingale kit (below) pays further homage to Belgium, this time with the sky blue National team colours.

Lap 2 Braes

This club was founded in 1925 but the Gales website that the colours have not been used since then:

The racing colours of the Club (black, red and yellow bands on a light blue jersey) are those of the national Belgian professional teams and were introduced just after the war at the instigation of members returning from serving in the armed forces in Europe. Prior to that the colours had consisted of brown and gold bands on a cream jersey.

Now I have always had slight reservations about the use of a country’s national team or champion’s colours on a club jersey. I can understand the homage to Belgium, the heartland of cycling, which has a lot of similarities to Scotland. A small part of me thinks the champion’s and national jerseys should be sacrosanct, like the World Champion’s stripes. Maybe that’s taking things a bit far. You might get funny looks if you wore your club kit on a trip to Belgium though. But this is fairly common amongst cycling clubs I think, and they are nonetheless winning colour schemes.

It’s easy to picture British cycling enthusiasts, longing for the hallowed pavĂ© of Northern France or the bergs of Flanders, and using the colours of their heroes on club kit. From the days of the NCU/BLRC split in the 50s, British riders have always looked up to continental cycling to some extent. This idea is not confined to the shores of the UK, though. While watching a circuit race in Brittany last summer I noticed a local club using a similar design- the all-black kit with narrow yellow and red bands, again evoking the Belgian national champion’s colours.

Left hander

I think this might be VC Rennais or VC Rennes – a pretty big town – although I can’t confirm. One of the sponsors, ‘Denis Materiaux’ is a well-known regional builder’s merchant.

-let me know what your favourite Scottish kit designs are
-any other Scottish ‘homage’ designs I have missed?