Cycling books: Slaying the Badger by Richard Moore

In 2011, Richard Moore, Scottish journalist and writer published Slaying The Badger – Lemond, Hinault and the greatest ever Tour de France.

It’s an exploration of the 1986  Tour de France – in Moore’s eyes it’s most fascinating ever edition of the race. It featured ‘a show-stopping rivalry’ between Hinault – the belligerent elder statesman of the peloton – and his young American teammate, the brash, unconventional Greg Lemond.

Richard Moore's new book
picture courtesy Graham Farr

Their explosive rivalry broke every rule in the book. No one wins the Tour single-handed; out there your team counts for everything. After his previous year’s win Hinault had pledged his absolute support for LeMond, but as the 1986 Tour circled France, his constant attacks on his team-mate seemed like cold-blooded sabotage.

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