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TrainingTunes/post punk-to-electro

Posting about music is something I’ve always fancied indulging myself in, so here’s another brief piece on the songs that get me fired up for training.

After mentioning the Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog, it was pointed out that No Fun was also an obvious choice for turbo training.

Stooges No Fun

The Stooges – No Fun

After listening to this one again for the first time in a while, it reminded me of a 2 Many DJs mash-up Taking us from punk to electro.

2 Many Djs

2 Many Dj’s – No fun – Push it
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TrainingTunes/metal – The Stooges, I wanna be your dog

Further to my first “training tunes” post a couple of weeks ago, here is another heavy track that gets me fired up on the turbo or during an interval session.

Made famous (for me) in Guy Ritchie’s movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, its a grimy proto punk track by The Stooges.

The sleazy lyric works well on a training playlist, if and when you are trying to punish yourself like a dog on the bike.

The clip shows the main character at the start of the movie, as he loses a shitload of money at the poker table. If you’re training hard enough you might get into a similar state of delirium that he experiences. As he realise what a world of trouble he is now in, he lolls around like a bare-chested Iggy Pop, on stage, and even spews as he exits the speakeasy.

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Let me know your thoughts on these- if you hate it when I blog about music as much as some listeners disliked the Velocast Race Radio shows (personally I dug them), or if you would like to hear more.

TrainingTunes/Metal – Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name

With the news that Velocast Race Radio will not be broadcast this winter, I decided to take things into my own hands.

The podcast, which interspersed songs with brief commentary on pro cycling was one of Scott and John’s many incarnations of the Velocast. The poor guys can’t win:

When the Velocast took its first hiatus, podcast listeners Gary and Graham were so distraught that they started their own show, Veloclub Don Logan, which is now going great guns.

I’m not proposing to start my own podcast, as I’m sh@ on for time and sh!t behind a mic, but I’m looking to plug the void in some way. I had been meaning to publish music-related posts for a while, as I quite often listen* to tunes while training. That’s why I liked Velocast Race Radio- I’ll listen to anything, once, at least. But I haven’t had the time, so decided to post tracks one by one.

*in one ear, at moderate volume, with helmet on and lights shining, while all the time making sure I am aware of my surroundings. If you want to have that debate it’ll have to be in another blog post.

So here’s a tune that gets me going: Iron Maiden’s Hallowed be thy Name. I’m no metalhead, far from it, but I enjoy the way they make it sound like they have 2 rhythm guitars, 2 lead guitars, and one for the really far-out solos. And it reminds me of the time I used to spend in an attic, playing D&D, while my friend smoked cigarettes through a McDonald’s straw with a skiing glove on, so as to avoid getting caught by his parents.

More tunes next week, hopefully.

Artist: Iron Maiden

Buy “Hallowed Be Thy Name” on: iTunes

Velocast Race Radio on iTunes

Official rules of the Scottish Cyclist: pedals, coffee and music

These ‘official rules’ were a fun thing that I used to get me going when I started the blog. They were intended as a tongue-in-cheek antidote to the Euro Cyclist rules. At that time I was getting into road cycling, and was perplexed by the myriad traditions and quirks of style of the roadie. Ironically, less than 3 years on, I am a proponent of many of the Euro rules such as leg shaving, white saddle and bar tape, espresso coffees and matchy-matchy kit.

26. Road pedals (e.g Shimano SPD-SL) are preferred, however mountain bike SPDs are acceptable should the Scottish Cyclist need them for practical reasons- e.g. in order to wear commuting shoes for the daily ride from Lochgilphead to Glasgow, or should the rider want to switch easily from his/her road bike to mountain bike to get a quick ride home to Fort William along the West Highland Way.

27. While strong black coffee is fine, tea or white instant coffee is a much more Scottish drink. Better yet, the Scottish Cyclist shall drink Irn-Bru with a shot of his single malt whisky of choice.

28. Motivational music during training shall consist of whatever motivates the Scottish Cyclist! Suggested tracks include:

500 Miles – The Proclaimers

Caledonia – Rod Stewart

Why Does it Always Rain on Me? – Travis

Take The Long Way Round – Teenage Fanclub

Official rules of the Scottish Cyclist- full list

Two Johns Podcast Music

A while ago, John G of The Two Johns Podcast mentioned the theme tune that they used for the intro and outro: Kraftwerk’s Tour de France.

I was perplexed because I had a copy of this track and it wasn’t the same. Then last week all became clear. John G mentioned that Kraftwerk had recorded a new version for the 2003 centenary edition of the race. Hooray- I went straight out to buy the song!

You can buy the four tracks of the Tour de France 2003 single on Amazon- I prefer this to iTunes because the format is DRM-free mp3.

The live album Minimum-Maximum is cool too. It’s a double CD that features live tracks from a 2004 European tour. All the classics are there with a modern edge.