Scottish racing moments of 2011

‘Tis the season for ‘Top 10’ style lists, so here’s a brief rundown of some of my highlights of 2011 where Scottish racing is concerned. I certainly haven’t watched everything closely- these are just the things that stand out, off the top of my head. Please contribute your own ideas in the comments.

in no particular order

Arthur Doyle’s 19:45
Arthur is pretty much the best time triallist around, particularly in 10s and 25s and this blistering time at Westferry at the end of August was brilliant. Check out this discussion on Braveheart which looks at other 19 minute rides.


Robbie Hassan at the Tour Doon Hame
I enjoyed following the Tour Doon Hame on twitter and as it is a Premier Calendar, via web reports such as on Velo UK. Amateur teams such as Velo Ecosse, Pedal Power / Endura, Glasgow Couriers and a combined team got entries, and
Robbie Hassan placed well alongside the pros – top 20 overall.

Thanks to Ken Gillies on flickr, for permission to use this image.

Evan Oliphant’s 5th Scottish Road Race Championship
Evan Oliphant won the road championship for the 5th time. A great event by Vortex RT on the Endrick Valley course- a relatively short lap taking the race to the people through the town of Balfron. There was media interest from BBC Radio Scotland, and overall it was good for cycling in general. Roll on the 2012 event.
Good write up by Ed Hood on Veloveritas

Evan Oliphant, Scottish Road Race Champion, 2011.
pic Robert Baird

Rob Wilkins’ BAR
Rob won the Scottish middle-distance Best All Rounder with his times over 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. The BAR might not be the biggest prize in Scottish Cycling but my general point is Rob’s time trialling has been great and he’s beaten some of the more established TT names this year and placed well at the big events like the Trossachs and Campsies TTs. Check out his end of season blog.

CampsiesTT 2011
pic Colin Bark

Carlos Riise’s saddleless time trial effort
The Shetlander rode 2:04:10 for 50 miles with no saddle or seatpost. One of those more fun ‘moments’ that was actually a bloody good effort under the circumstances!

seen here with saddle and seatpost

I’d have expected myself to pick out more road racing but as it is I have picked out three time trialling moments and two road race here. What would be great if there was more televised amateur racing in Scotland, so we could enjoy the heroic breakaways or blistering attacks that are worth remembering but are never on the results sheet! Please share your moments of 2011- any sorts of rides or races- even memorable club time trials or group rides- let me know.

edit – Eddie Addis and Rich Semple pointed out on twitter that Richard McDonald deserved a mention for his strong season and his ride in the Battle of the Braes was exactly the sort of “plucky” effort I was referring to above. He spend most of the final lap out front with eventual winner Neil Taylor of ERC, giving the race marhsalls and onlookers from the local area lots to cheer about. Eventually he cracked and was caught by the few chasers who remained, but it was a super ride belied by his placing.

Neil Taylor, Richard McDonald
Pic by Ian Henderson

John Paul, European and World champion on the track
Dave Millar road captain at the GB worlds
Andy Fenn podium U23 worlds

What else?