Save Caird Park track #CairdPark

Many of you will probably be already aware of the plight of the track at Caird Park in Dundee from the Braveheart forum.

Caird Park, just off the Kingsway bypass in Dundee, has a 402m tarmac velodrome track. The track is an all-weather facility run by the local council and, via a pay-and-display ticket machine in the nearby office, is available to anyone to use.

The track is now 25+ years old and is slowly falling into disrepair owing to lack of investment & funding from Dundee council. The surface has become lumpy and cracked and, in places, is rapidly approaching the point of being dangerous. The resident club, Dundee Discovery Junior CC, has priced the cost of re-surfacing the track at around £250,000…which Dundee Council are not willing to find…

The long-and-short of it is that the track needs as much support as it can possibly get over the coming season to help justify the need to keep the track open and secure some investment.

Depending on the fate of Meadowbank, this could easily become the ONLY useable track in the whole of Scotland over the next few years – worth fighting for, I’m sure you’ll agree!

On the Braveheart forum, a thread is evolving that discusses sourcing funding, setting up a charity, and pushing to maintain Caird Park track or even build a new velodrome.

Thanks to Peter Cullen of Stirling Bike Club for most of the text of this post.