Pic of the day: me! on the pavé

The pavé are tough. Here’s me on the cobbles of Edinburgh’s Victoria street in the Edinburgh Nocturne cat4 support race. It was brutally hard, a circuit of only a mile but the steep hill split the field completely, in the support races and the pro race. I was nearly lapped after half the race so unfortunately got pulled out by the commissaire. Probably for the best judging by the face I am pulling.

Thanks to Robin Dick, aka RCD Photographic for the pic. He has loads of other good pictures of the Edinburgh Nocturne 2010 support races and elite race on Flickr.

My twitter friend Brian, aka Bazzargh also got one on his iphone. Note the complete lack of other riders around me. I had lost the small group I was in and was about to be eliminated from the race at this point.

Update- found another one of me on the British Cycling flickr stream, initially looking OK, but later, fit to burst. pics © British Cycling, click through for originals, and pics of other racers.