My 2010 results

I had been meaning to look back at my 2010 results for a while but thought it wouldn’t be relevant to readers, but then a post on Terence McMahon’s posterous made me think a review could be good, if nothing for my own interest.

Verdict: could do better. I’d had an exploratory year in 2009, building up fitness and bunch riding skills and had certainly expected to get a few results here and there, but realised more dedicated training was needed.

April: Super6B race, Duncan MacGregor: 27th @ 2:37
Bad positioning before the big climb meant I had to burst myself to get in a group, made the 2nd bunch but not the main break. Relatively happy though.

May, Bealach Beag sportive.
Smashed last year’s time and rode in 2:35:53, 19th fastest overall and 17th up the big climb in 37:47. A ride I was proud of in great weather and stunning scenery, but failed to beat my buddy Ian Wallace for the second year running. There’s a part of me that feels guilty, though, racing through this incredible landscape without taking the time to enjoy it properly.

August: Super6B race, Billy Warnock, 54th.
Although 54th in a bunch sprint finish is nothing to shout about, this was the first time I felt I had competed and participated in a race- being able to move up as I wanted, helping to chase attacks, and even having a go myself at the end on the Bellsdyke road. Which was suicidal, as my final placing indicates.

Club 10TT: 24:13
Last year I rode 26:15 (or thereabouts) and I wanted to break 25 minutes this time. Pleased with the time as it was on road bike with no aero gear.

Not so good
March, Super6 B race, Gifford:47th @ 09:17
Bad tactics in this one- wasted energy moving up the bunch at the wrong time, got isolated on the front for a spell, and was then dropped on the climb.

April, Jack Murray Junior Trophy: DNF
Dropped after 4 laps of 10, packed after 5. Strong wind and a harsh pace over 10 laps of a hilly course made me realise that I was not good enough for 3/4 fields yet. Struggling up the steady climb, I was at the back around the hairpin when we turned into the headwind and it was only a matter of time before I lost contact.

Lothian Flyer, 33rd, maybe 5 minutes down
Davie Bell memorial, Super6 B: 46th 10 minutes down
– I was out of condition for both of these races, having been knocked out in May with a bad illness. I just didn’t have it on the climbs and shouldn’t really have started these events.

July, Edinburgh Nocturne.
Still out of condition and took a pasting on this very tough crit with a steep cobbled climb.