Michael Nicolson tour of the North

These photos come courtesy of Marian Lamb of the www.cyclingulster.com federation web site, via Dany Blondeel, Founder of the Belgian Project.

Michael Nicolson wins a stage of the Tour of the North, an international stage race in Northern Ireland, last weekend. He was competing for a Scotland team that included Jack Barrett, Taylor Johnstone and Rab Wardell.

Michael won stage 3 at Magherafelt, putting him in 3rd place on GC in the 4-day event. He was 8th after the three-quarter mile prologue, two seconds back and after the 72 mile second stage had moved up 1 place. His teammates were able to help defend the time gained on stage 3 and he moved up into 2nd overall on the final day- great result.

This is just what I have been able to piece together quickly from the results sheets but there is a fuller report of the terrain and the race evolved on VeloUK.

I wish I had time to do some mini interview with the Scottish guys who went over there to compete– instead why not add a comment to the blog post and fill us in?

Dany Blondeel, founder of the Belgian Project wished Michael well after the result and said ‘he is a talent who will go places’. The Belgian Project was set up from Ards Cycling Club in 2008 and seems to have many strings to its bow, including providing support to visiting riders and teams, as well as providing a channel for guest riding in the continent for second year juniors and Under 23’s. Aptly this is the position Michael has been in for the past couple of years, riding for Flanders team last year, although I believe he might be unattached this year?

Other ambitious young Scottish riders make their way over to Belgium to test themselves in the toughest amateur scene in the world so the Belgian Project is something I’d be proud to support. Check out the Belgian Project on facebook.