Macavalanche, Glencoe

I don’t cover mountain biking that much on the blog. In fact I don’t mountain bike that much, any more– the pressure of time and an obsession with road. But it’s where I started taking cycling seriously, so I will retain a fondness for it.

When I have been using the mountain bike, it’s been in the snow, for my commute – during the last 2 harsh winters. Slush and road salt do terrible things to anodised aluminium, I can tell you.

The Macavalanche, a No Fuss invitation event, is a gravity enduro race starting from the Meall a Bhuridh (Glencoe Mountain resort) 1108m and descending to the bottom of the chairlift at 305m.

IXS Macavalanche Promo from No Fuss Events on Vimeo.

It seems some bikes and riders were transported to the top by chairlift (which required a push to the top) but some lucky entrants got a helicopter airlift. I’m not sure the button tow* was used… *skip to 50s in the video (which is by MTBCut).

More Mountain Biking Videos

MacAskill rode it in 12:08 but was only 3rd quickest. There are lots of cool videos on Youtube if you want to see more.

2nd was Neil Donoghue of One Planet Adventure, and fastest was Joe Barnes of

Photos on pinkbike