Cyclocross in Scotland: a record broken

112 riders started the Scottish Cyclocross series, round 1 in Plean Country Park on Sunday. That’s a record. The frantic start can be seen in the first few minutes of this video:

That’s me in the blue Stirling jersey, with my wee support team cheering me on (in green).

I was taking part in my first cyclocross race and found the intensity pretty tough. I finished 58th of 101 finishers, lapped twice. Pretty pleased with that though. Not pleased with the following image however!

Plean Cyclcross 04/10/2009

A mountain bike is not the de rigeur equipment for this kind of race but it is allowed in Scottish cyclocross. The weight of my bike and the tyre size slowed me down on the climbs and the flats but the suspension kicked in on the downhills and the technical bits and I noticed myself catching the ‘real cyclocrossers’.

The race was won by James Fraser Moodie (aka Jaz Fraz Moodie), with Paul McNally 2nd, Craig Hardie 3rd and Kenta Gallagher 4th.

Race report from British Cycling here.

Full lap video available to any real enthusiasts who are interested: