Corrieri’s Classic 10m TT: pictures

I wasn’t able to ride this 10 but popped down with toddler in tow to shoot a few pictures. The full set is here but unfortunately I didn’t catch all the competitors. There were nearly 100 riders and as I arrived at 10am, two-thirds of them were already away.

Sean Monaghan, Granite City, 10th in 22:16.

Matt Hennon, Inverclyde Velo riding a Specialized Shiv with the UCI-banned nosecone in 22.44 – 13th.

Jeremy Tomlinson Fife Cycling 2000 in 23.09 – a PB for him.

Robert Brown, Granite City RT in 22.46. Love the photogenic quality of the rear disc. Wish I could have got a bit more blur with this but it’s hard to find the right balance with shutter speeds.

Grant Smith Dunfermline CC, 9th in 22.14. The Eddy Merckx looks a bit like Boardman’s Mike Burrows ‘Lotus’ bike from the 94 Olympics.

Arthur Doyle, Dooleys Cycles RT, winner in 20.30. He’s also the Scottish 10 and 25 mile TT champion.

Carlos Riise, Shetland Wheelers 21.21 – 3rd place. What an aero position- back is so flat you could put a board down and eat your breakfast off it.

3rd Place was Jim Cusick of Glasgow Couriers but I didn’t get a picture of him, as he went off early so he could go and do the Lake APR- a hard day’s racing for a hard man- he’s the one in shorts and short sleeves!

APR Mar 11 032

Leave everything on the road. I had to give this lad a banana to revive him. Andrew Brown, Deeside Thistle (youth) 27:00

Top 10
#95 Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles RT 20.30
#17 Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers 21.12
#100 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers 21.21
#66 Steve Nutley Sandy Wallace Cycles 21.24
#83 Iain Grant Dooleys RT 21.24
#5 Graeme Cockburn Glasgow Wheelers 21.59
#91 Ian Sim Glasgow Couriers 22.06
#51 David Muir Fife Cycling 2000 22.08
#71 Grant Smith Dunfermline CC 22.14
#82 Sean Monaghan Granite City RT 22.16