RIP Ian Steel

I was sad to read Will Fotheringham’s obituary of Ian Steel yesterday. Ian died last week on 20th October aged 83. Ian won the Tour of Britain in 1951, the Peace Race in 1952 and rode the Tour de France in 1955 among many other achievements. He was one of Scotland’s and Britain’s greats. Despite […]

Ronnie Park, VC Stella

In one of my previous posts, I tracked the growth of the VC Stella, a club formed in Scotland as a formidable race outfit. In the 1950s in Britain, road racing was only just taking off, as a segment of cyclists sought to break away from the touring and time trialling culture and emulate their […]

Ian Steel visit

Thanks to Steven Turbitt from Glasgow United CC for pointing me in the direction of these pictures by his clubmate Richie MacPherson, who went to visit Ian Steel recently. Steel won the Peace Race and the Tour of Britain in the 1950s and also rode the Tours of France and Spain. I’ve done quite a […]

Ian Steel pictures

Quick post- a few nostalgic pics found on flickr and elsewhere, of Ian Steel, one of Scotland’s greatest ever. Should really be in my Scottish Top 10. But back when I compiled it, I was just starting to discover the history of Scottish cycling. 1951 was the year he won the Tour of Britain.

Sandy Gilchrist

A quote from David Millar at the 2010 Commonwealth Games piqued my interest: I’ve known our mechanic, Sandy Gilchrist, since the 1995 world championships. Sandy is well-known around Scottish Cycling and I’d heard his name before but didn’t quite realise his profile so decided to dig out a few links and facts. He has had […]