(moving) Pic of the day: Edinburgh Nocturne 2009

David Millar, Cameron Meyer and Rob Hayles discuss the Edinburgh Nocturne 2009, a crit around a tough circuit of the Edinburgh old town which Millar won. It took in a short sharp climb, cobbles, and tight bends. The course was surrounded by pubs which might have helped the crowds and atmosphere. I watched the race […]

Top flight racing in Edinburgh

In the past week or so, we had the news that Edinburgh will host the Red Bull Hill Chasers series and a round of the Tour Series of criterium races in 2014. The Red Bull Hill Chasers is a Hi-NRG hill climb eliminator, which was run last year up the cobbles of Cockburn Street, with […]

Packing tape aero helmet

I did a post on David Millar’s aero helmet that he sported on the Champs Elysees in this year’s tour. Here is my own, somewhat lower tech prototype. Part inspired by the delightfully eccentric Fun Run Robbie’s packing tape disc wheel, and part by another friend who mentioned naively turning up to the Tour of […]

Exclusive: TdF 2017 Edinburgh prologue course!

I’m ignoring my own advice about counting your chickens with regards to a Scottish Grand Depart for the Tour de France. I much prefer to assume they have already hatched and proceed directly to speculating on a prologue route. Dave Hamill kindly commented with an excellent suggestion that takes as many attractions and historic monuments […]

My 2010 results

I had been meaning to look back at my 2010 results for a while but thought it wouldn’t be relevant to readers, but then a post on Terence McMahon’s posterous made me think a review could be good, if nothing for my own interest. Verdict: could do better. I’d had an exploratory year in 2009, […]

Pic of the day: Robert Millar on The Mound, 1989

Another pic of the 1989 Edinburgh race featuring Scotland and Britain’s greatest ever cyclist. The castle rock is on the left and the famous New Town can be seen behind. For those that don’t know, The Mound is a hill that climb’s up from the main shopping street, Princes’ Street, up to the Old Town. […]